Nick of Time By Tim Downs

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nick Polchak isn’t so much a confirmed bachelor, then one who has been confirmed by his friends that it would take a miracle for him to get married. You see he’s a little peculiar; he doesn’t really like humans as much as he likes bugs. As a forensic entomologist, he is more comfortable watching maggots on a dead body, than planning a wedding with his fiancé, Alena Savard. Fortunately Alena, who trains dogs, some who find cadavers, is a perfect match for him so it looks like marriage maybe in his future. There is one problem, Nick wants to go out of town for a meeting and their wedding is on Saturday. 

This laugh out loud, funny, creepy murder mystery is another 5 star winner for Tim Downs. I have read 3 of his books and loved each one. If you are married, or even thinking about it, then read this book, it’s a sarcastic study on the quirks between men and women. To understand Nick Polchak, aka the Bug Man, you may want to read some of the earlier books, but this one can stand alone. If you like the TV program Bones, then you’ll love Tim’s books. I read this through the Amazon Vine program and was thrilled to read a favorite author’s new release. 

The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan

Released July 19, 2011 from Thomas Nelson Publishers.
The Homelanders book 4.

Charlie West woke up one morning to find himself being tortured by terrorists with absolutely no memory of what happened during the last year of his life. And, to make it worse, he's wanted by the police for the murder of his best friend. Over the next couple of months, Charlie is faced with a ridiculous amount of misfortune on his quest to clear his name and expose his would-be murderers.

I'm actually starting to think Andrew Klavan is incapable of writing a boring scene. Practically every sentence is packed to bursting with suspense. From a dogfight through the streets of New York to dodging subway trains in a shootout with the Homelanders, Klavan never lets up on the thrills.

And now, it's finally over. The final hour has come and gone, answering every question; revealing every mystery. Every fan of the previous books will need to get their hands on this truly satisfying conclusion to the insanely epic series.